Ready to buy

Is it worth tidying up your home prior to placing it on the market for sale?

Well yes, you don’t want to regret it three months later when you realise you are still waiting for a buyer or considering lowering your price.

Property sellers need to think about their properties profile before buyers have a chance to dismiss it. Simple styling ideas can add value and if you change your mind and decide not to sell because you love your home more it has been a creative journey. When a buyer starts house hunting they are also taking mental notes every time they inspect a property for sale.

Some people are looking for a fixer upper just to pick up a bargain. When a buyer starts house hunting they are also taking mental notes about the condition of a property. Can we move in straight in?

Sellers that hide house repairs are kidding themselves. What do buyers notice……… that needs to be done.

  1. First impressions really matter. It shows if your home is worth an inspection. Make it clean and potential buyers will know you loved living here.
  2. Showcase your home to suit as many buyers as possible not just one unique or premium buyer.
  3. Painting is the quickest way to make over a home. Exterior House Paint colours need to say welcome. Classic or prestigious homes all need to look smart at the entry point and throughout. At the front doors is where the buyer first realises it could suit them. A yellow front door says loud, red is rich, pink is pretty and a grey and blues are on trend. Front door paint colour looks best when it works with the rest of the house and does not frighten away potential buyers. Shades of blue or grey are always popular. Interior paint colours should be in uniform or non-clashing walls. Various colour choices can improve a large room and a smaller room always needs a white ceiling. If you are thinking about painting make sure it’s a good paint job or call a professional painter.  When considering selling do think about your property photography. Don’t shock any potential buyers you don’t want to be remembered for the wrong reasons. To brighten up your home interiors and add more value to your soft furnishings, thinking new cushions. Light blue paint or interior decor sets a cool mood and creates depth. White is always nice, offering any buyer a blank canvas.
  4. No junk in sight – Inside declutter the furniture and make room for buyers to look at the space.  Tidy up your front yard. Note house number, privacy screening, gardens well kept, clear and clean paving, pathways and driveway, so it is an easy passage to your front door.
  5. Tip! You can tidy up your furniture by revamping while on a budget with a mixture of acrylic paint and Plaster of Paris. Google the information about how to make your own chalk paint.
  6. Always be thinking what a potential buyer is seeing when they drive by your home. You have ten seconds to capture their interest.
  7. Internet listing presentation matters.  A potential buyer viewing your home online may only stay on the internet property website page for two seconds. Don’t risk it at a glimpse, moving is better sooner than later.
  8. Top priority – Here’s looking at you!  Thinking about the presentation of your home.  Do go along to other for sale open homes for inspections in your local area.
  9. Put your buyer’s hat on and compare your property for sale street’s appeal and features to other similar property for sale in your neighbourhood. Note your competition by the best wow and the worst listings. Knowledge of other listings pricing and property features compared to your property’s positioning in the marketplace will potentially help you have shorter days on the market for sale. You need to be on top of the current buyers OFI list.
  10. Do make time to style and tidy up your home before entering the property marketing for sale? Be ready to sell before your property profile is launched. A professional photographer will benefit your marketing and make the property preparation and presentation time spent worthwhile.  A picture tells a thousand words.
  11. Don’t discount your property’s appeal, it counts big time and can cost you more or less a sale. Time is money, and worst still possibly longer days on the market. Never ask yourself “Why hasn’t it sold yet”.

Artworks to order


“I believe in styling positive surroundings”


I am passionate about painting art for client’s homes. When you have empty walls adding interior artworks is a fantastic way to brighten up the interior decor in your home. Original paintings contemporary expressions about anything I can see beauty in or can imagine. My artworks decorate and enhance interior styling in my client’s home and every piece of artwork is unique. Home interior customised art to order by Kerrie Rogers.

Home interiors artworks for sale and original paintings custom designed decor to order.Art for sale – Sweeping the shores – The coconut wireless book – Surf’s up are all original artworks. Home interiors decor paintings are all on sale, plus postage. Local pick up – 2486 NSW, AUSTRALIA


Art to order and inspired by you.

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By Kerrie Rogers


Homeowners makeover or first-time private sellers, prep and launch, start simple to interior decorating with easy steps for five-star style with Launch My Pad.

As founder and owner of Launch My Pad, I enjoy my business daily activities, as a home interior stylist and property organiser. So if you are a homeowner wanting to makeover your interior decor then I am the right person to contact. For private sales when selling your own home of a developer or property agent looking for help with your home interiors, we can help. As a small business owner, no home is too big or too small for us. Home interior styling should make a person feel the advantage of their own home interiors and lifestyle, that’s our aim”.

Less clutter makes a world of difference, if you haven’t used a piece of furniture in six months, it’s just taking up valuable space.

Recycling and revamping existing furniture is fun to do, I know because I love to do it and this is a good way where possible to keep the costs down. Styled by us and ready to sell by you.

We help all homeowners regardless of whether they are considering selling or staying in their home.

* Free property organiser/styling quotes – Contact us

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* To do list, home interior decorating presentation and preparation priority steps

* Preparation & presentation organisation arranged for busy and time short clients

* Home interior styling & property staging service

* Decluttering  or for hoarders of furniture

* Hiring furniture services

* Revamping & recycling furniture – We can do this for you.

* Pre – Settlement exit plan strategy – Cleaning & packing up arrangements

What does your home interior decor say about you?

Do buyers really need to know you?

Some people view their home as a passport or airport terminal, too many travel photos or decorative ornaments. Don’t tell the world you are constantly looking to holiday somewhere better, holidays are fabulous but highlight a local beach or country valley picture creates a proud image of your own suburb offering and says loud and clear you love it here, even if you wish you could sell tomorrow.

It’s the little things that paint the biggest picture so pack away some of your personality or favourite things about you. For us solving problems is why we exist for our clients, this is why we love to work for you.

We love what we do, interior home decorating, with new ideas we visualise your dreams and arrange a world of beautiful styling presentation for your pleasure.

The client’s wish list is now a “To do list”. Proper preparation makes the enjoyable makeover so much simpler.

Launch My Pad will provide free quotes to suit your choices and all budgets.  So we can fix up any property problems that may cause objections by buyers. We also help to take the stress out of the whole process from the excitement of property styling to arranging the pre-settlement period exit strategy packing up and cleaning that ends with keys changing hands.

Our best property presentation tips

Selling a home is about how someone feeling when they step through the front door if they feel enough good energy, and like what they see they will buy it.

A home exudes a powerful and positive memory – If the presentation is perfect it’s sold.

Put on your buyer’s eyes and go outside and walk back through your house, with a notepad and pen, list what you are concerned about. As buyer walks through a property for the first time, don’t believe they are not feeling frightened by seeing it needs some minor or major repairs. Be ready for objections or anticipate them and fix them before it is viewed or enters the property for sale marketplace.

Helpful home care tips

  1. Breath and take in every room smell – A home should smell beautiful perhaps soft lavender, vanilla or just fresh air, but no pets or gym room sweaty smells
  2. Clean and tidy rate it yourself  – 10/10?
  3. Wash if possible any curtains or clean blinds in the home – remove dust and musty smells
  4. Vacuum your home and put out extra mats if it’s raining – It also shows you love your home
  5. Storage room ensure everything is organised and sorted
  6. Kitchen – Keep it simple, avoid shelves and benchtops full of appliances and gadgets stacking, no need to show off you have an Aladdin cave and too many ornaments on the kitchen window – If you haven’t used in six months put it away or give it away
  7. Don’t block views from inside to outside of any of your home’s windows
  8. Flooring – Clean and tidy, no slip or trip hazards
  9. Stairwells and steps – Clean, clear and tidy, no trip hazards
  10. Office – Lighting dust free and tidy – Organise it so it looks like you care about your workstation being a productive space
  11. Wall hangs, pictures and paintings or family photos – No cobwebs or dust or anything too personal on display
  12. Nursery – Clean and tidy – No bags or bins full of used nappies
  13. Hide or pack away personal items, valuables or sentimental treasures
  14. All glass and windows must sparkle – Views must be highlighted with clean glass window screens too
  15. Laundry room – Must look as clean possible. Smell like washing powder or conditioner only. No socks smell or dryer fluff/dust on the walls, window screens or on the floor
  16. Laundry room –  For a great idea, that’s a bit weather proof. if you have a big laundry or a bit of extra wall space install a small fold out clothes line on the laundry wall – A big winner
  17. Laundry is not a shoe shop or trip hazard, so pick up or hang up a shoe rack and place on a hook behind the door. No hoarding old smelly shoes
  18. Kitchen – Pantry tidy, clean up all shelves, good opportunity to throw out food with expired used by dates – Keep it tidy
  19. Kitchen – Best room to produce the wow factor – Clean and tidy – Bake an apple pie or cinnamon toast in the oven before a viewing
  20. Less decorative items (KISS) is really more
  21. Kitchen – Buyers often ask to check the oven, dishwasher and stove top are in working order and clean
  22. Kitchen – Empty the bins when full – Or before a viewing
  23. Bedrooms – Neat and tidy, beds all made – Themes flow or coordination to delight, calm and relaxed
  24. Rate your home – Does it have a five-star appeal and approval when selling
  25. Ceilings no water marks, mould stains or missing light fittings or blown globes
  26. Bathrooms – One colour accessories no rainbow mismatched towels
  27. Bathroom – Clean and tidy – It really helps with housework chores when a busy family all works together to ease the workload
  28. Bathroom – Shower recess glass clean – Easy with a handy plastic glass wiper – Put away all bottles of products on the shower floor
  29. Ensuite – Mirrors and Glass surfaces are clean & tidy with no person items on display
  30. All bathrooms should have excellent ventilation, remove curtains if dark and make it sparkling clean. Simple accessories that match, less is always more. Check where your eyes first go into the room. Too many colours will draw the eye away from the shining tapware furniture to clutter
  31. Media room – Clean and tidy – Music on for the emotional beat, make sure it’s not overpowering
  32. Dining room – Elegant and spacious, reduce number of dining room chairs if there are more than 4 or 6 chairs it’s could be too much depending on the room size, be careful of storing furniture around the walls.
  33. Dining room light fitting – Make it sparkle – Big mirror looks great on the far wall that echoes light back into the room. Fresh fruit bowl or flowers on the table – A dining room table size should allow guest movement around the room.
  34. Lounge room – Nice fresh air of mild freshener. Tidy
  35. Walking from the TV to the lounge where is the coffee table? Make sure there is space around furniture or it can be overpowering, filling up the room?
  36. Good idea to highlight natural light, create the appearance of more space
  37. Declutter and keep wall paint colours flowing or in uniform
  38. Office furniture shouldn’t be stored or on show here. Keep this room for relaxing and entertainment so it’s appreciated
  39. Lounge room, resort or coastal theme, whatever you do decide, only have one style or theme or possibly the maximum of two interior styles in each room
  40. Lounge room – No mats that are trip hazards
  41. Lounge room – Fresh flowers at least one bunch is divine – Bring a piece of your garden in – I would suggest if you have a tropical garden, a few simple green palm fronds or leaves is a beautiful and elegant arrangement
  42. Family or rumpus rooms – Clean and tidy – Don’t uses it as a place to advertise what storage boxes are in fashion
  43. Coffee table with a top that slides open is perfect for kids toys.
  44. Rumpus/family rooms – Blinds and curtains, natural light showcases the room size and creates an intoxicating atmosphere
  45. Windows are the internal picture frames to the garden or outside views
  46. Open up your curtains or blinds – capture fresh air. Check that curtains or blinds rest neat and are spotless. Curtains flowing to the floor or resting just below the window sill.
  47. Natural light and fresh is impressive and beats any room fresher
  48. Hallways – Polished selected furniture and not a runway showcasing things unwanted
  49. All internal doors open and close.
  50. Front door and entry – The welcome or entry area is the first place to impress the buyer. This is where buyers know they are going to buy – Create the right energy
  51. Front entry area – Empty as possible with a few chosen interesting pieces of ornaments/plants
  52. Is your house a museum, an art gallery or a blank canvas – Personality
  53. Marketing needs to keep the focus on the house offerings its design, appealing attributes, it’s property features and condition. Added benefits like pool, views, land use and location amenities
  54. Inspections whether you lead or they follow you through the house allow them to enjoy the viewing experience. Step back so they can imagine themselves living here
  55. Garage – Clean and tidy – Cars in or out, door up for added light
  56. Pest remove any hornet nest, wasp mud piles or cobwebs
  57. Pool area – Spotless and clean – No mold or leaves inside the pool. A place where a buyer can stop, possibly sit and imagining they are enjoying entertaining or a swim
  58. Front and backyard – Clean and tidy and if you have an alfresco area with or without a Bbq – Dress it up with a presentation of at least two empty champagne glasses and a bottle of sparkly wine to set the celebration mood
  59. Clear viewing of the garage internal area, no old cars or boats or junk hiding the view
  60. Busy bee weekend clean up – Clean and tidy up in readiness for the first open home for inspection. Ensure a busy bee weekend is organised way before it is placed on the market for sale
  61. Front and backyard fence and plants – Tidy, repair and if required paint the fence in a pale colour to frame the yard. Prune the trees and add a few pots of flower colour to balance with the colours of the external walls of your home
  62. Views – If you have a view of the ocean, river or mountains make sure buyers notice – Open curtains wide
  63. Features in your home – Show them off, fireplace or media room make sure everything is working
  64. Letterbox – House number sizeable and clearly displayed
  65. Remove junk, unwanted clothes and toys, old shoes or dead plants – Council clean up day and take reusable things to the charity shops
  66. Bin area – Clean and tidy – Sweep or hose out prior to a viewing
  67. Gates – Working condition, make sure all pool and garden gate lock
  68. Driveway – Clean and clear
  69. Roof maintenance – Keep your maintenance up – Consider quotes for respraying a roof with new paint or repoint tiles
  70. Maintenance of your guttering, routinely clean out any plants or leaves in your roof gutters – Fire safety and stops gutters overflowing
  71. For a vendor/agent a good sign is a buyer looking back through a property for sale. Always ask a buyer when they are leaving the property for sale – Does it suit them?

Property Organiser / Stylist / Cleaning service
We place a higher service standard on providing excellence in home or property organisation. Sophisticated or minimalist style, we know where to shop for those special homewares items that add the designer touch. Whatever your home or property styling requirements are we’re here to create, add to or completely makeover home interiors, it’s your choice.

Planning home or property styling projects, we have the solutions to fix your presentation problems. “We are focused on results so all our clients feel houseproud”.



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